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​​Janet Reinecke

Janet has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Fit Central at the Dowd YMCA since 1992.


Janet has experience training all types of clients from beginners to athletes.  While she incorporates lots of core and stability exercises in her workouts, she believes in the benefits of building muscle mass.  Therefore, her workouts incorporate lots of fundamental weight lifting.   At the same time, she focuses on her client as an individual and designs workouts based to their goals.


Janet enjoys motivating her clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle through consistent workouts, sound nutrition and stress management.

If you are looking for a trainer, Janet will consult with you and connect you with the trainer best suited to your goals and schedule.

While training clients and running Fit Central, Janet is diligent with her own strength training and cardiovascular workouts.  She works out with Fit Central trainers as well as on her own.

Janet is married and enjoys spending time with her family, including 5 grandchildren. She spends most weekends hiking with her husband, John.

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Minnie Hughes

Minnie has 25 years experience in Fitness and Exercise and is ACE certified as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

She takes her personal training seriously and always prioritizes her client's health and fitness goals. She is a true motivator and encourages her clients through all types of training. In addition to personal training, Minnie shares her passion for fitness by teaching various formats of group exercise classesincluding athletic conditioning, cycling and kickboxing.

Minnie is an avid runner and has earned 2 Boston Marathon Qualifiers. She also assists in coaching running programs for the YMCA.

From another perspective outside of fitness, Minnie is a diehard Carolina Panther Fan.


Will Spivey​​

Will is an ACE certified Personal trainer who focuses on body fat loss, strength training, and conditioning/athletic conditioning. His goal with every client is to improve quality of life and to show them the positive effects of exercise and proper nutrition. Will grew up playing football and basketball so he specializes in athletic training as well as weight loss and improving strength in power movements. When not training Will can be found Powerlifting at the Dowd YMCA!


Tom Hughes

Tom has been involved in fitness for over 20 years. He is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise instructor.

He has completed 4 Ironman races and is a YMCA running coach.  Tom is also a corporate fitness trainer.

He is an excellent coach and motivator who uses challenging yet fun training options.
His goal with his clients is to help them overcome obstacles that stand in their way of peak performance and improved quality of life.


Nick Baldwin

As a fitness trainer, Nick really enjoys helping clients and his peers reach their goals.

Nick likes to emphasize the importance of mobility and stability to help an individual utilize their full range of motion through movements used in their everyday life. Some areas he excels in are strength training, power building, Olympic style weightlifting, and mobility/stability training.


He thinks everyone should enjoy the process of their fitness journey and have fun with their training. Make it a way of life, not a part-time job.